How Broke Would You Have to Be to Revert Back to Dial-Up?

Illustration for article titled How Broke Would You Have to Be to Revert Back to Dial-Up?

In an effort to cut costs wherever possible, some consumers are going back to the cheaper, crappier-in-every-way dial-up we all cast aside years ago. This recession has just gotten serious.


Sales of the often sub-$10 dial-up subscriptions have increased after the stock market crash and many report that they've switched from broadband, though NetZero CEO Mark Goldston was quick to note that "this is not the iPod crowd we're talking about." Chances are if you're reading this, you're more likely to try to pawn your oven than give up broadband, but where exactly does it fall on your list of priorities? Would you give up a cable TV or Xbox Live subscription first? Let us know exactly how poor you'd have to be to go back to dial-up in the comments. [Orlando Sentinel via Crunchgear]


I'm A Different Bird

I wouldn't give up internet, period. I'd cancel my TV service, I'd get slower internet if need be, but dialup is just plain unconscionable.