How Come All Captchas Don't Just Work Like This?

Is it just me or have Captchas gotten insanely freaking impossible these days? I mean, I can't even make out if I'm supposed to type in a letter, a number or a hieroglyphic. Annoying! We need a new Captcha method. What about drawing a shape?


MotionCAPTCHA, designed by Joss Crowcroft, is a clever little jQuery plugin based on HTML5 Canvas drawing tool. It's only proof of concept right now (you don't have to be exact, at all) but MotionCAPTCHA kind of injects some fun in security, drawing simple shapes is a lot better than trying to figure out if it's an a, o ,e, 8, b or an @ symbol. You can test it out for yourself here. [<a href=""MotionCAPTCHA via TNW]



Even if the accuracy threshold were increased to something close to decent, it's still easy for a computer to break. Canvas elements can be retrieved as raw image data. From there, any simple program can find the circle and then plot the path from the circle through all the gray pixels and be done in seconds.