How Different Countries See Each Other, According to Google

Google search suggestions are a mixed blessing—but sometimes they can prove hilarious. Like this series of locality based suggestions, which show what different countries really think of each other.

Put together by Noah Veltman, this graphic relies on the variation of search suggestions by location. And it really works. Here, you can see suggestions for the same query when it's typed in from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Obviously, it lives up to all the glorious stereotypes you'd hope it would: fat Americans, arrogant Brits, you know the drill. Perhaps it gets most interesting, though, when you scroll down the page—because Veltman has really gone to town here. So, while "How to..." throws up the suggestion "... make money" in the UK, in the US the suggestions is a much more useful "... make French toast". Priorities. Anyway, go explore the full set of results, because they're super fun. [Noah Veltman via Flowing Data]

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