After weeks of anticipation we finally know what Motorola is serving up to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Can the Motorola Droid Razr HD measure up to its badass Android counterparts?


The Droid Razr HD's billboard feature is its 2500 mAH battery, which Motorola says will keep you connected to LTE without dying longer than any other device out there. The Droid Razr's dimensions are ever so slightly smaller than those of the Galaxy S III and One X. Otherwise, the phones all look relatively similar under the hood—from their screens to their cameras to their 4G LTE connectivity. We've still got a couple of question marks on the official specs, but we'll update when we know. You can be pretty certain they're in line with the competition. Click to enlarge the chart

Of course, these are just specs, and specs alone don't tell the whole story. We'll have to wait until the Droid Razr HD is available "before the holidays" to see how it performs.

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