How Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything

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The future is going to be genetically modified. That means the future could be disease-free with babies being designed in labs by parents who live in a world where aging has stopped all thanks to genetic engineering. Or the future might be something else entirely with state-mandated genetic engineering to turn citizens into super soldiers. Who knows.

Kurzgesagt goes deep on genetic engineering in its latest animation explainer, first by telling the brief history of how it started with the discovery of DNA and plant mutations and genetically modified food and lab rats and CRISPR. But what’s most interesting about the video explainer is where genetic engineering can be applied in the future: humans.

It’s awesome that genetic engineering can be used to eradicate diseases and lengthen life spans, but it will also pose unanswerable questions on playing God and transform the ol’ baby-making part of life into some sort of car buying process. The good that genetic engineering brings probably outweighs the bad but it could also lead into real life Gattaca. Cool.