How Grocery Stores Are Cleverly Designed to Make You Spend More Money

We’re all fools who get easily convinced by marketing and store design tricks because we can’t save ourselves from ourselves. Here is a short video from Wendover Productions detailing some clever layout design grocery stores use to get us to spend more money. They include putting the entrance to the right because we like to shop counter clockwise, having items we need spread all across the perimeter of the store to make us walk more, to put cheap items at the end of every aisle, to make sure profitable products are at eye level, and so on.

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And it works because the majority of people are gullible, impulsive, careless, easily manipulated, etc. .. or just plain ol’ stupid. It’s the same reason I wonder why 99.99% of ads on TV and/or radio are even broadcast because they actually turn me off from the product most of the time. Yet they’re on the air because they work.

If one is so concerned about not spending money at the grocery store - make a list of shit you need, enter store with said list, buy only the shit on your list, pay and walk away. If you end up with 3 RedBulls or 2 packs of X product you don’t need but was “lit so well man .. it was shiny!” then you can’t blame the store - blame your own sorry ass.