How Hackable Are the Voting Machines in Your State?

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SciFi Channel's Dvice blog has a great chart up today that shows which states have the most unreliable and/or hackable e-voting machines. If you want to get more detailed information about what kind of voting machines are being used in your state, you can go to Dvice's javascripty map here, and visit their list of current e-voting technologies here. So what can you do about it? Over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the guardians of digital justice are working on the Total Election Awareness project, which will track the performances of voting machines on election day. This is a software tool that allows election-monitoring organizations to track calls and emails from ordinary voters like you, reporting about everything from malfunctioning e-voting machines to other election-day incidents or concerns. Want to help with the TEA project? Download the software and start hacking.