How Many Iconic Movies Can Your Brain Spot as 1,000,000 Frames Flash by in Five Minutes?

There are some movie scenes that are so iconic, so memorable, that even if you only catch a glimpse of a single frame, you’ll still instantly recognize the film. So what are the movies that made the biggest impression on your mind? Just watch this short film, which crams a million different movie frames into five minutes, to find out.

Candice Drouet probably deserves an Oscar nod for the tremendous amount of work that went into collecting and assembling all the different movie frames found in this short film. And anyone who’s able to watch all five minutes without needing an aspirin and eye drops at least deserves a Golden Globe.

[Vimeo via BoingBoing]

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DISCUSSION does this work? Wouldn’t 1,000,000 frames in 5 minutes work out to over 3,000 frames per second? Or am I wrong on my math here?