We all know that Air Force One transports the President around but what about the presidential candidate? Well for Mitt Romney, he used an airplane from a small airplane company in Michigan who will get it back now and have to "de-Romneyize" it: strip the logos, change the seats and clean it up.

The airplane, a personalized McDonnell Douglas MD-83, is operated by USA Jet Airlines and needs a deep, thorough cleaning and then needs to be stripped of all its logo and re-branded. Specifically, according to BusinessWeek:

The Romney paint job—a blue belly and white top, with "BELIEVE IN AMERICA" stenciled on each side—will be stripped and painted over, likely with a mostly white coat and the USA Jet logo.


The seats could also be changed around, Romney didn't require much customization in the MD-83 but he did add extra captain's tables. A spokeswoman says they might keep the setup the same because they don't "want to do a lot of extra work that we don't need to." Other than that, the plane goes back into the rotation of serving politicians, sports teams and bands. Pretty rough life. [BusinessWeek, Image Credit: Getty]