How Much Is Your House Worth In Bitcoins?

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We've already explained everything there is to know about Bitcoins and Bitcoin mining, except the most important question that homeowners across the country are asking: how many Bitcoins can I get for my house?


This handy converter provides an up-to-the-minute calculation of your home's worth—or any dollar amount—in Bitcoins based on the current conversion rate. If you don't know much about Bitcoins, don't go into this expecting to double your investment numerically. A quarter of a million dollar home will only fetch you about 2,910 Bitcoins at the time of writing, but that's more than enough to go on a crazy online shopping spree. [Movoto]



Sooooo... Let's say someone had 100 bitcoins. Is there a way to cash out? Or do they have to buy $8840 in t-shirts and vpn hosting?