How Much of Your Holiday Shopping Did You Do Online?

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We live in a cyberland future where malls exist inside your computer and the presents you buy are magically delivered to you by, well, delivery men. With each Christmas that passes, online shopping becomes more and more the norm until eventually brick and mortar stores will be nothing but vacant museums of an age gone by.


How much did you contribute to that future this year? Did you do most of your shopping online? All of it? None of it? Is that even possible any more?

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All of it. I wish all of it could have been done via Amazon Prime but some items were too specialized and I had to go to other sites to get it, but there wasn't a single item on the list that I couldn't easily and cheaply buy online so there was no reason to wade through the crowds to pay just as much if not more in physical stores.

My only complaint was that the two items I had Amazon wrap for me weren't as neatly wrapped as I would have liked, but it was good enough that I stuck a bow on the rough spots and called it a day. I wrapped everything else myself though. I enjoy wrapping gifts in outlandish/garish ways that are a pain in the ass to open.