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How Rich Are You? This List Will Show You Where You Rank Among the World's Richest People

Illustration for article titled How Rich Are You? This List Will Show You Where You Rank Among the Worlds Richest People

I need more money. You need more money. That guy needs more money. That mom needs more money. We all want more money. That's a universal fact. And that's because none of are cracking the Forbes billionaire list (unless you are, in that case we should be friends). But in another list showing the richest people in the world? We're not that far down! Hell, we might be considered the 1%.


The Global Rich List, which was created by London-based agency Poke, used figures from the World Bank Development Research Group to come up with their calculations in the app. According to them, the moolah that the the world's 225 richest people make ($1 trillion) equal the annual income of the world's 2.5 billion poorest people. That's insane.

But what about the average Joe? Median household income in the US for 2011 was $50,054. That would put that household as the 59,008,321 richest in the world. Hey, they cracked the top 100,000,000 list! That number would also put them at the top 0.98% of the entire world. Richer than you thought you were, no? [Global Rich List via Fast Co Create]

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Yeah...without cost of living adjustments, raw numbers really don't mean much.

Even within the US, there's a world of difference between $100k in Manhattan vs $100k in, oh, let's say Wyoming.