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How Superman Might Read the NY Times

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Infractor is probably the least efficient manner in which you could read the morning paper, but it involves Fortress of Solitude-esque prisms and interactive rays of light. Quite simply, the paper has never looked better. Video demo:

Running on what looks to be a Microsoft Surface the Reactable, Infractor is a piece of software that represents all of the NYTimes as a streaming beam of light, with individual stories floating through the stream like fireflies. Placing an interactive prism on the table splits this beam, allowing you to assign filters like "Obama" to make the stream more relevant. (A jog wheel, placed next to the prism, can alter the prism's specific sensitivity.)

Eventually, you'll tailor the beam to only hold topics you're interested in. Well, that, or you'll remember why the printing press doesn't use prisms to convey information. [Infractor via notcot]