How The Iowa Caucus Works, Explained By Lego

We’ve been hearing a whole lot about the Iowa Caucuses, but often with little context about how that process actually works. Vermont Public Radio has put together an entertaining short that explains the process, in Lego.


For such an important event, it’s interesting to see just how much negotiation and goes into each meeting, especially when candidates aren’t viable. It helps to explain just why so much attention is lavished on Iowans in the early part of an election year.

[Vermont Public Radio]


Platypus Man

Interesting process, but I have to wonder why the whole caucus/primary system really even exists. Why not just have Primary Election Day in January or February, organized like the regular Election Day in November, where everyone from around the country can vote on the same day on whom they’d like their party’s nominee to be? Tally the votes and boom, there’s your winners. No more “I wasn’t popular enough in Iowa so I dropped out of the race entirely” or anything like that.