How To Build A Time Machine Documentary Tries To Prove The Impossible

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Documentary filmmaker Jay Cheel has returned with How To Build A Time Machine, and the premise is just that, a focused look on people who are obsessed with inventing (or recreating) time machines. Watch the first trailer now.

According to Twitch Film, the original inspiration for this documentary was Jon Titor, the man who claimed he was from the future. But now it seems that the focus has been shifted onto artist Rob Noisi (a gentleman obsessed with recreating the time machine prop from the film of the same name) and physicist Ronald Mallett (who researches the science behind time travel). Here's the official premise:

How to Build a Time Machine is the story of two men, both inspired by H.G. Wells' 'The Time Machine', who have set out on a quest to build their own time machines.

When Rob Niosi decided to build a full scale replica of the time machine prop from George Pal's adaptation of H.G. Wells' novella 'The Time Machine', he had no idea what he was getting himself into. The three month project is now in its eleventh year, and he's not sure it will ever end. His perfectionist attitude and obsessive nature — cultivated by years of detail oriented, time consuming work as a stop-motion animator — has elevated his machine from prop replica to a true work of art. His goal? To capture the impression he had as a kid when he first laid eyes on the beautiful machine.

When Ronald Mallett was a young boy, his Father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. This event turned his world upside down. He became ostracized from his friends and family and found solace in science fiction. It was H.G. W ells' The Time Machine that inspired Ron to pursue a career in physics. His goal? To build a time machine so he could go back and save his Father.


Still no release date yet, but we'll keep our eye on this one.