How To Bypass The Zune's WiFi Sharing DRM

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

We knew it would be done sooner or later, and now that we have the mod to use your Zune as a portable hard drive, a method to bypass the Zune's WiFi sharing DRM is finally here.

First, you need to enable hard drive mode using the instructions we posted before. Then, rename whatever files—MP3s, movies, programs—to have the extension ".jpg" in order to fool the Zune into thinking it's an image. This hack works because Zune doesn't apply DRM to images!


Then what?

Now, take your Zune and send the folder containing these files to your buddy along with a real photo. If you only send a fake photo, an error is thrown. The last step is to have your friend sync the Zune with their computer, open the "containing folder" where the files were downloaded, and rename the files back to their correct extension.

We tried doing this before with just the Zune software, without the storage hack, and Zune threw an error because it resizes the images down in order to conserve space, and our file wasn't a real image.

Zune Boards [via Zune Scene]


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You are all complaining that the Zune doesn't let you break the law easier and then some of you call MS unethical. There is a word for that: Hypocrit. You should stop copying what other people say/do, look at the quality of the product and decide for yourself whether it meets your needs. Saying it "sucks" because it is different than your iPod is lame. All you whiners are the type of people that will go no-where in life because you spend your time shooting down ideas instead of thinking of new possibilities. So, you think burning a CD is more convinient than renaming some files? Fine. Do do that then. You want to share that memory stick with 10 different people? Great. It is a free country. The 3x3 concept is good enough to sample a song and decide what songs are share-worthy for the whole rename-transfer-rename concept. Or you could actually do what you're supposed to and purchase the song (HUH?? WHAT?! Obide by the law??). If you want to burn your CD, or pass around your memory stick, or use Zune's WiFi with some renames then you can choose to use whatever method suits your fancy. Versatility is good.