How to Create Amazing Post-Apocalyptic Outfits on a Shoestring Budget

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The FP, opening next week, has a ton of post-apocalyptic, Dance Dance Revolution-inspired craziness going for it — but most of all, it's got the mad costumes. Which were created for literally no money, by ultra-talented costume designer Sarah Trost. Want to fashion your own demented post-apocalyptic dancewear? Trost has a tutorial for you, exclusively at io9.


And if you want a chance to show off your amazing The FP-inspired costumes, you can bring The FP to your city for a special screening in theaters, via the website Details below.


THE 245
Instructions: Shotgun a King Cobra. Make sure Bloodsport is on in the background.

- Snow gear from the 80s or early 90s, especially puffy snowsuits, found at your local thrift store or trash heap.
- Any jumpsuit or flight suit you can get you hands surplus or from a dumpster.
- Grey or yellow bandanas.
- Grey, Metallic gold, and yellow spray paint.
- Anything with a Confederate flag on it.
- Metallic gold fabric pieces or trim.
- Any fake fur you can find.
- 77 spray or any glue (for gluing, not huffing!)
- Old English lettering, stencils or whatevs to represent your 245 affiliation.
- Cheap-ass gold grille from any online source.
- Cheap-ass gold chains for yo neck.
- Hi-top sneakers or flip flops.


Final Touches: Shotgun another King Cobra. Put it all in a pile and spray paint/ glue the shit out of it. Shit's tough in the FP, bitch.


THE 248
Instructions: Chug a Natural Ice (Natty) and/or a Loko. Put on Rocky IV in the background.

- Snow pants from the 80s/ early 90s...found at your local thrift store or trash heap.
- Any gnarly old ass denim jackets, vests, or tapered jeans...yard sale or found in an alley style.
- Tank tops cut from old t-shirts...cut out those armholes almost to your waist.
- Blue, black, and metallic silver spray paint.
- Blue or black hoody.
- Anything with an American flag on it.
- Metallic silver fabric pieces.
- 77 spray or any glue (for gluing, not huffing!)
- Digital lettering...stencils or whatevs to represent your 248 affiliation.
- Cheap-ass silver chains for yo neck.
- Hi-top sneakers or moonboots.


Final touches: Chug another Natty. Put it all in a pile and spray paint/ glue the shit out of it. Time to beat-beat this shit right again.


Instructions: Suck down some of your favorite booze from a brown-bagged bottle. Put on Flashdance in the background.

- Any prom dress/evening type gown from the 80s/early 90s...from a thrift store or you dad/mom's trash pile.
- Neon bras.
- Neon anything.
- Cowboy boots.
- Aqua spray paint.
- T-shirts to cut the shit out of...or anything mesh or trashy.
- Anything leather with fringe on it.
- 77 spray or any glue (for gluing, not huffing!)
- Duct tape.
- Sharpie.
- An "I heart" t-shirt to cover up with a piece of duct tape that has FP written on it.


Final touches: Drink some more booze. Spray paint the shit out of your boots. Cut all of the dresses/gowns to end an inch below your ass, wear them with fringe and neon. DUN.

Want to get a screening of The FP in your city? Here are the details about how you can do it through

At the 2012 SXSW Film Festival today, Drafthouse Films announced THE FP is available to screen in cities nationwide through Tugg, Inc. ("Tugg"), a collective action web platform that enables moviegoers to choose the films that play in their local theaters. Starting today, fans can sign up to bring THE FP ( to their theater to share this manic, warped, ambitious, hilarious and utterly original vision of a dystopian world where turf battles are settled by the competitive dance video game "Beat Beat Revelation." THE FP will be available through Tugg in conjunction with its theatrical release in select cities Friday, March 16.

THE FP took SXSW 2011 by storm with its World Premiere at SXFantastic, programmed by Fantastic Fest. A ferocious nod to big-budget studio action fare and underdog sports dramas of the 1980s, THE FP is a loving homage to everything from ROCKY IV to THE WARRIORS and has been called "loud, furious & recklessly funny" (Indiewire) and "vulgar, hilarious and kind of amazing… THE FP is a certifiably insane experience" (

"Tugg provides a platform for sharing THE FP in a way that we always imagined it should be experienced – with a group of friends and fellow film fans that got together to see it in the theater because one of them heard about this batsh*t insane film about deadly competitive dance video games that is fashioned after the 80s films we love. We're thrilled that audiences everywhere, including the Frazier Parks of the world, will have the chance to bring this film to their theater by demand," said Jason Trost, Co-Director/Writer/Star.

"THE FP is a film that was made to be experienced communally with a big group howling together at the unhinged fun this film offers. We couldn't be more excited to give fans a chance to craft that kind of experience at the theater through Tugg's innovative platform," said Drafthouse Films CEO Tim League.