How to Create the Perfect Internet Meme

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"It's taken me seven years of research, but I have finally figured out the perfect formula for a viral internet meme."

Steven Lefcourt must have visited every dark corner of the internet to find the secret Meme Machine—I think it's probably next to the Fountain of Youth or something—but he did find it and he shared the blueprint.


The world will probably end now that we all know this secret. [Shirt.Woot via Laughing Squid]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

The memes are what make many of the comments on Giz great. Of course, that's usually the first 5-10 times you see them used and it has to be in the right context. After that, people just start to use them way too much and they lose their punch. These include:

1. Sent from my iPad

2. Will it blend

3. Will it run Crysis

4. Robot overlords

5. Best $5000 ever spent


and more I can't think of right now....