How to Disable the App Store Kill Switch Using Your Jailbroken iPhone

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Stephen Colbert spoke, and the people listened: The kill switch that lets Apple remotely remove applications on your iPhone can be disabled with the push of a button. All you need is a jailbroken phone and the updated BossPrefs app found on Cydia. Simply choose "Disable Apple App Killswitch" in BossPrefs and Bob Barker that puppy into oblivion. This isn't the only way to get rid of the kill switch, but it's the easiest we've seen and can quickly be toggled on or off. Just be careful: if Apple wants to remove an app, they probably have a pretty good reason for doing so. [Thanks Alan, bryonbrock!!]


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Here's a question to all you fucktards.

Security, I'm assuming, is important for all of us. Assuming that malicious code can be installed on iPhones despite the most rigorous screening processes at the App Store — because it can; that's what hackers do.

Now, as the provider of both the iPhone and the distribution method of most apps that get installed on them, Apple can do two things when they learn that a popular app at the App Store is a virus/trojan/etc.

(1) Say "well, we really can't do anything about it. We advise our users to delete the app as soon as they see this advisory"


(2) With a built-in fail-safe device like this "kill switch", turn off the malicious app remotely on all the iPhones with it installed & connected to the network.

The question is, which is being more responsible? Assume, also, that the malicious code is as malicious as it gets, with the ability to upload all your personal data before wiping your iphone clean, but not before spawning its offspring to everyone in your contact list, after which the iPhone will be used primarily as handlers/agents for DDoS attacks.