How To Eliminate Facebook Like Buttons From All Web Pages

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We gave you many reasons to quit, but no, you had to keep sticking your head into that bucket of pain called Facebook. But perhaps you really dislike those like buttons popping in every web page. Here's how to eliminate them.

Step 1

Before starting, if you are not using Chrome, Firefox or Safari, click on one of those links and install it. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.


Step 2

Go to Facebook Blocker and click on the button that corresponds to your web browser of choice. This will download the Facebook Blocker extension and automatically install it. If you are using Chrome, the extension will install automatically and you will be done.

Step 3

If you are using Firefox or Safari, you have to double-click on the extension to install it. You will have to Restart Firefox for the extension to activate.


After installing the extension, all the "Like" buttons will be gone from all web sites except the Facebook site.


If you want to Like this article, you will need to uninstall or disable the extension.


• In Chrome, go to Extensions under the Window menu. Click Uninstall or Disable.
• In Firefox, go to Add Ons under the Tools menu. Click Uninstall or Disable.
• In Safari, go to the Preferences under the Safari menu. Select the Extensions tab and Uninstall or turn off the Facebook Blocker extension.

Of course, you can save yourself all this and just ignore the buttons. But hey, this may be your only way to punch that Zuckerberg dude on his virtual bracket.