How To Get Banned From Buying A Phone For Five Years

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After making hundreds of hoax phone calls to the emergency services number (on one occasion, he dialed 999 50 times in an hour) a 24 year old Brit has been banned from buying a phone for five years.


Not only is he banned from buying a phone, he's also been slapped with an ASBO (an anti-social behavior order) which restricts him from even holding a SIM card, lest he slip it in an unsuspecting friend's phone and dials the emergency services line again. I hope I'm not giving anyone ideas, here. [The Telegraph]

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I cannot fucking stand how badly the British have butchered the word, "antisocial." Call it disorderly conduct, or a breech of peace, but don't fucking call it antisocial.

Antisocial isn't behavior that violates against the established order. It's a personality disorder that's characterized by a disregard for others and a lack of remorse, irritability and impulsiveness, and deceitfulness.

If a bunch of skater kids are sitting on some steps near a residential area where there's an ordinance against it, well, I'm sorry, but that's not antisocial behavior, it's just a little bit of teenage rebellion and a lot of people's natural tendency to fulfill a need with what's available to them.

In this particular case, it's not antisocial. It's just stupid.

Seriously, Brits, stop killing your own language.