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How to Get Siri to Provide Google Maps Directions, No Hack Required

Ask Siri for directions, and by default she'll throw up an Apple Maps solution. Which means you'll get lost. But it's actually really easy to get her to give you directions using Google's maps—and it doesn't even require a hack.


As JailbreakNation shows in this vide, adding the phrase "via transit" to the end of your Siri voice command forces the software to use Google Maps instead of iOS's native cartographic car crash. So instead of saying "take me to the nearest [INSERT DESTINATION]", just say say "take me to the nearest [INSERT DESTINATION] via transit", and you're golden. Easy! [YouTube]

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Scott Chaput

For what its worth I have used Apple Maps as my default GPS app since the iPhone 5 launched and have NEVER been given incorrect directions. It has its problems but it isn't just unusable.