How to make decapitated Ned Stark dessert pops

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Blogger Jennifer from Not Your Momma's Cookie was so dismayed by the death of Eddard Stark that she immediately thought of a diabolical recipe. She admits, "After an immediate reaction of shock, sadness, and a little disgust (which I imagine was the point), I thought…it kind of looks like a cake pop. I realize this means that I've lost it. I'm ok with that." You can find this deliciously sadistic dessert here. I bet they taste like duplicity.


[Via Dangerous Minds]


Dick Nenton

May I kindly suggest that you change the name of the article and put something indicating the spoileryness of the article? I'm no longer reading the book (I had a hard time getting into, but I do plan on trying again in the future) but to anyone just starting the show or the books, that's a huge spoiler right there. I sure hadn't gotten to that part.