How To Quick Tip: Give Your Home Network Some Free, Permanent Real Estate on the 'Net With DynDNS

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Bigup to everyone who recommended the venerable DynDNS free service last weekend for making it even easier to connect to your home computer from anywhere. Here's how to do it.

Even though they've been providing the same great service for ten years, I had never used DynDNS before (ah, the joys of working from home and having a dynamic IP that stays fairly stable), but I just signed up and it's sweet. Just register a subdomain at for free, which will then map itself to your dynamic external IP address automatically in one of two ways: by logging into your DynDNS account on a router that supports it (many do) or downloading a free update client for your computer that can also keep everything synced.


Then you don't have to remember a nasty number when you want to access your network from an external computer. Nice!

Please keep the constructive comments coming in our Saturday How To guides—they're a great resource for everyone involved. Also thanks to twonjosh for sharing his method of dealing with dynamic IPs. [DynDNS]