How To Sell Perfume Online? Easy, Print 'N Sniff

It must be puzzling, working for a perfume company and trying to figure out how to market it to internet users. Brazilian company Kaiak found the most amazing solution to show people just how good (I'm presuming) their cologne is.

The ad agency working with Kaiak teamed up with 15 internet cafes across Brazil, installing mini-printers in the sides of the monitors. When the internet surfers clicked on an ad banner promising that the "best selling men's fragrance in the country just changed. Want to try it? Click this banner. IT'S SCENTED," a little cardboard perfume tester actually printed out of the monitor in front of them, with a peeled-off area containing the fragrance.


As you can imagine, the online campaign was a resounding success. The click-through rate on the banner ads was 43 times higher than the worldwide average, and 10,000 of the perfume testers were distributed through people's computer monitors in just one weekend.

And, Brazil just got a whole lot smellier. [Black Mamba via Trendspotting via LitmanLive]

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