How to Turn All Your Leftover Easter Candy Into a Functional Chocolate Knife

Is “leftover Easter candy” an oxymoron? Does such a thing even exist? If, for some bizarre reason, you get tired of consuming chocolate bunnies this April, don’t throw all that candy away. As YouTube user Knifemaker demonstrates, you could actually turn all those sugary treats into a functional kitchen knife.

Let’s just make sure we define functional here. This particular handcrafted blade, made from Japanese hard candies with a glossy chocolate coating, can slice through a zucchini, but not as effortlessly as a stainless steel blade can.


But as delicious as a chocolate knife may appear, you’ll still want to resist the urge to lick it, or your Easter might be spent in the emergency room.


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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

I can’t be the only one who has occasionally cut the inside of my mouth on hard candies that developed sharp/pointy edges while being consumed.