How We All Die, Visualized

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Here's one for the morbid amongst you: this visualization reveals how everyone across the world died during the entire 20th century. It make for interesting—and surprising—reading.

Perhaps most comforting—if you can call it that—is that the primary cause of death is non-communicable disease; the likes of heart disease and diabetes that, other than through research and application of science, we can do little to avoid. Still, humanity's own impact is felt starkly: there were 177 million murders and 131 million deaths through war, all of which could have been avoided.

You can download a high-res PDF copy of the visualization from Information is Beautiful right here. [Information is Beautiful via Guardian]

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Interesting. Communism gets a pretty big bubble, and so does famine, which seems to occur pretty frequently in communist countries... Communism is a product of socialism. Right now a smoker is calling for socialized health care. The one thing that kills more people that communism is cancer and health complications... I'm just being rhetorical, but I don't want to die of famine while suffering in a shitty state-run hospital established by people who neglect their own health. There is something about this visualization which leads me to believe that change does not mean progress.

Standing by for predictable statist reply. I'm kidding, I don't give a shit.