How will Alfonso Cuarón's answer to 2001 measure up to our expectations?

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It's kind of hard to believe that Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity actually exists, as a finished movie. For ages, it seemed as though this outer-space project, full of lengthy single takes and 2001-style vastness, was never going to get off the ground, as various actors joined and then jumped ship. Now Gravity is complete — or complete enough to have its first test screening, with unfinished effects.

The first reviews from the Gravity test screening are trickling out, and Slashfilm has done a pretty great job of rounding them up. The consensus seems to be that it will be an amazingly beautiful visual feast — but it may or may not be any more than that.

Top image: Demolition Man, Sandra Bullock's last science fiction movie.

On one side of the fence, there are people claiming it's the worst movie ever, or boring, or just visually stunning with nothing in the way of interesting content.


On the other side, though, a few people are saying it's going to garner several Oscar nominations, including another one for star Sandra Bullock, who pretty much carries the film single-handed. And then there are raves from an anonymous writer at Ain't It Cool News, who says this is "this is several levels ahead of next level shit, & quite possibly the highest level shit you could possibly make," and adds that it's the closest most of us will come to knowing the feeling of floating in orbit, tantalizingly close to the Earth but unable to get there.

Chances are, you were already expecting a slow burn of a film — anything that starts with a single 17-minute take and features just one character, out in space, for 80 percent of its running time is going to be more interested in creating a mood than in keeping a snappy pace. Judging from these wildly divergent early reviews, it still sounds as though Gravity is going to be some people's favorite movie — and a total loss for others. Still can't wait to see it. [Slashfilm]