Illustration for article titled How Will Technology Affect the Future of Sex? Clones, Virtuality and Polyamorism

Are the rapid advancements in technology and science, in artificial-intelligence and genetics, leading us to a moment in time—a technological singularity—where ultra-intelligent machines improve on their own designs, while we humans are free to edit our own evolution?

Transhumanists believe so, and contemplate how technology might be used to enhance our mental and physical capacities.

H+ Magazine has round up some leading minds, and steered their thoughts towards sex. Will it still exist as we know it today?

Sex for procreation will be separated from sex for pleasure. Polyamorism will be the norm. After all if "I" have uploaded, duplicated myself and exist as self-similar copies in cyberspaces co-existent with realspace, where does the "self" end and the "other" begin? —Extropia DaSilva

Exosex, sex outside the biological body, would be simulated in virtuality, much like Second Life or Skype and other digital formats where sex is enhanced, extended, digitized, and synthetic. It would be more real than real - a hyper-real experience. —Natasha Vita-More

Woah. More trippy concepts for your Wednesday morning after the jump. Not exactly safe for work, though. [H+ Magazine via Fleshbot NSFW]

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