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How Will Writers Autograph Ebooks?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

My favorite books have something very special between their pages: Inscriptions and autographs. Unfortunately, that special quality can't be replicated with ebooks or readers. Not exactly, at least, but Danie Ware has an idea that might almost work.

Danie Ware, a PR gal for comic book store Forbidden Planet, describes her plan to capture the collectible nature of old-fashioned books with readers as follows:

Removable, collectable vinyl covers – plain, a selection of colours, maybe they can be stylised by your favourite art toy designer – but ultimately, they're there to collect signatures. Take one to a Convention, keep it on you, it protects your Kindle, it looks cool – and you get to show off all the autographs/sketches you've collected.


Clever idea, but then you're left with a shelf full of book covers and at that point you might consider collecting regular books again. It's a workable solution, but still not perfect. How will autograph collectors cope in the age of ebooks? Or will they just never make the jump from paper to e-ink? [Danie Ware via Futurismic]

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