How Windows Live Works in Windows 8

We're all pretty excited about Windows 8. But in all the commotion last week over the new modal, Metro aesthetic, we sorta glossed over how everything actually works. The Windows Blog's got a rundown of how the Windows 8 experience actually works.


One big step forward is that all of the system and application settings on your Windows Live ID are stored in the cloud, so wherever you sign in will feel like an approximation of home. Windows Live also keeps track of every PC and Windows Phone you use to connect remotely or find your phone.

Every user account also gets access to its own SkyDrive, so you can sync media across machines. You get 25GB for free for most types of files, but you can stack Office files and photos into infinity (or at least until some griefer loads up a few hundred TB in the first weekend).

And of course, the People, Calendar and Photos apps all reek of succulent, wonderful Metro. Which is great, if you're into that kind of thing. [Windows Steam Blog via Techmeme]



I'm noticing that Windows 8 People has your "favorited" people at the top. Windows Phone 7 team, look carefully at this and think about what you might be doing wrong.

Hint: It involves "favorites" and whether or not you can filter your contact list by that value. Extra Hint: You don't do that.