How You Can Create Petite Planets In a Petri Dish

Wanna create your own beautiful, living, breathing solar system at home? It's easy—you just need petri plates (or any kind of flat, wide and shallow containers), some fatty milk, a little dish soap, food coloring and liquid plungers and droppers. And your own imagination.


The following artistic video, brought to you by Shanks FX, will show you how to play with simple chemical reactions, surface tension and fluid dynamics in order to create ephemeral cosmic wonders in your kitchen. This weekend is gonna be so much fun.

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Reminds me of Kubrick's stargate sequence. Some of the more organic looking cuts were shot by him in NY before 2001 started shooting in UK; he was experimenting with macro lens and paint/inks dropped into water/solvents. Some shots made it all the way to the final cut.