HP and Dell Cut Back On 10" Netbooks

According to Digitimes, Hewlett-Packard and Dell have "significantly reduced their investments" in the development and production of 10" Pine Trail netbooks. HP might cut the size altogether, Digitimes reports, focusing instead on its 11.6" netbooks. Sales for the 10" machines haven't been strong—Dell's 10" did, however, win our recent review showdown—and with an increasing focus on Smartbooks, as well as, of course, the looming shadow of the 9" Tablet That Shall Not Be Named, 10" netbook sales don't stand to improve any time soon. [Digitimes]


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So does this mean all of the "a $300 netbook can do more than the iPad" comments are going to become nonexistent since it looks like the $300 netbook won't exist much longer?