HP Envy 15 Shipping With Serious Display and Webcam Issues

The HP forums are up in arms—and rightly so—over the popular Envy 15, with some buyers receiving models with screens that randomly go blank and/or webcams that only show full color under fluorescent light.

Anecdotally, it seems that HP's been responsive so far, offering the choice of a full refund or repair. But as one user found, not even two trips back to HP could fix his laptop's gimpy webcam:

There aren't any easy solutions for the blank screen problem either, short of a forced reboot of the system.

This doesn't seem to be a ubiquitous problem for Envy 15 customers—and we certainly didn't notice anything of the sort in our review—but 20 pages of complaints on the HP Envy Forum certainly indicate something's amiss. Let's just hope that whatever's behind these issues has been fixed in time for Envy's newly released 14 and 17-inch models. [HP Forum via Engadget]

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Shouldn't they be turning green? I mean, it is called the Envy...