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HP Envy Grows Into a 17-Inch Model

Illustration for article titled HP Envy Grows Into a 17-Inch Model

Turns out the rumors about a 14-inch and 17-inch HP Envy have held up: today HP's expanded their higher-end consumer notebook line to include the Envy 14 and the Envy 17. And the big boy's got some juice.


The Envy 17 has the familiar laser-etched design of the current 15-inch model, and houses up to a Core i7 processor and ATI Mobility Radeon 5850 graphics. It's got booming Beats audio, a full complement of ports (including one USB 3.0), and can be configured up to a whopping 2TB of storage and as much as 8GB DDR3 memory. The 17-inch also supports ATI Eyefinity, meaning you can hook it up to multiple monitors.


And while Mark was hoping they'd leave the optical drive behind to make room for more battery life, both the HP 14 and HP 17 have one standard. That's actually not the worst thing, especially on the HP 17. It weighs in at 7.5 pounds, meaning it's not going to be the easily portable laptop out there, so you'll have it plugged in most of the time. Being able to pop in a Blu-ray and enjoy it on that 1920x1080 display, though, is an option I think I'd miss if it weren't there.

The Envy 17 will be available May 19th starting at $1,400. That's not too crazy given what you're getting, but it's not exactly a bargain either—especially once you start stepping up to Core i7 and more robust storage options.

HP Expands Design Leadership with Updated Consumer Notebook PC Portfolio
PALO ALTO, Calif., May 5, 2010 – HP today unveiled a redesigned portfolio of consumer notebook PCs that delivers distinctive design elements, new materials, enhanced performance and better experiences to consumers.
With updates across the HP ENVY, HP Pavilion and HP Mini lines, HP is fusing style and efficiency to offer stylish notebook PCs that meet the personal computing needs of every consumer.
The models reflect HP's ―MUSE‖ (materials, usability, sensory appeal and experiences) design philosophy of fusing a rich mix of materials that create textured finishes, easy-to-use features for improved usability, a blend of artisan elements for sensory appeal, and intuitive features for simple experiences.
Etched metal finishes, touchable textures and a mix of high-quality materials create a simple, clean look that seamlessly fits into the lives of consumers. These new notebook PCs also can be customized with a choice of 15 exclusive wallpapers, including 12 designed by well-known artists from around the world.
―With these new designs, we offer customers a broad portfolio of notebook PCs and Minis that are innovative on the outside and the inside,‖ said Kevin Frost, vice president and general manager, Consumer Notebooks, Personal Systems Group, HP. ―Each notebook provides a unique experience for the customer and allows customers to express their personality.‖
HP ENVY 14 and 17
The new HP ENVY 14 and 17 deliver premium experiences to satisfy the most demanding customers. The notebooks offer the ideal balance of design and technology by combining the latest in manufacturing with artistic expression and world-class performance.
Both ENVY notebooks feature powerful Intel® processors(1) and ATI Mobility RadeonTM high-definition (HD) 5830 discrete graphics for gaming, videos and 3-D images. They come with a backlit keyboard, slot-loading optical drive, HP TrueVision HD(2) webcam, a mini DisplayPort Connector and the latest in wireless(3) and connectivity options.
The notebooks also include BeatsTM Audio, a unique, high-performance technologydeveloped by HP and Beats by Dr. DreTM to provide the optimal sound experience – the way the artist intended it – when playing music or audio through headphones or external speakers.
The slim and light ENVY 14 features a precision-crafted design with a 14.5-inch diagonal HD(2) Radiance display that offers picture quality up to 59 percent brighter than any notebook with a standard display. With up to six hours of battery life,(4) the ENVY 14 is one of the thinnest and lightest quad-core notebooks available in the world.(5) The ENVY 14 also offers optional WWAN/3G.(6)
With up to 2 terabytes(7) (TB) of storage capacity, the ENVY 17 has the horsepower and flexibility for the most demanding tasks. The ENVY 17 offers enhanced performance with ATI Eyefinity Technology for multiple external display support and an HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer for outstanding sound.


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YES!! I looks like it is time to retire my 2 yr 17in old HP dv9535. I was waiting for a good i7 + 17" option to come out, and this one looks to please.

Fast mobile processor... check

17" HD Screen... check

Good Gaming GPU for a Notebook... check

Aesthetically pleasing and sturdy design... check

Backlit keys... check

Numerical keypad... check

And HP, thank you for not making the 0 (zero) key on the numerical pad smaller than normal like most notebooks that include a 10key pad. That tiny zero key screws me up all the time when working on Excel when traveling for work. If they have fixed the issues with the touchpad, I am sold.