HP IPAQ 510 Voice Messenger: A Half-Assed Revival for the Brand

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HP's IPAQ brand is back from the dead with this slim phone that looks nothing like the whale-ish IPAQ PDAs of yesteryear. The Windows mobile 6 phone has additions by HP that let it read emails and other text sources, and let you do your best Piccard impressions to open apps ("Computer! Make it SO".) The phone has EDGE data, and WiFi. Laptopmag's Sarah Anderson, got an early look, and had mixed reactions.

The Good: Battery life of 6.5 hours, narrow. Voice recognition. Skype support (eventually.)
The Bad: Hefty 5.7-ounce weight. 0.7 inches thick. Synthesized voice sounds mumbly.

Sarah ended up giving it a 3/5 stars. A disappointing return for the IPAQ marquee, which should have been left to die (with Compaq) anyhow. On the side, HP's onslaught of well designed computer products continues, despite this blip.


HP IPAQ 510 [via Laptopmag]


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