HP Looking to Get into Handheld Gaming

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So it turns out it's HP, not Dell, that wants to get into handheld gaming. Word has it that HP Labs is working on a gaming platform dubbed Mscape, which would rely on GPS sensors to allow for location-aware adventure games.


So for example, let's say you're playing a game and happen to walk by a landmark or a city park. Small sensors would trigger an action in the game, like maybe a hidden level or boss. HP has been working on Mscape for the past two years, but it looks like things are progressing rapidly, which is good news for them and us.

HP Has Gaming Handheld in the Works [Crave]



I'm all against monopolies, but lets face it, Nintendo IS hand-held gaming. PSP is fine, but at no time was the DS or even the GBA very threatened. At any time Nintendo could release a new version of gameboy or DS and it will crush whatever anybody puts out. HP is making a huge mistake if they are going to actually try a hand-held device. And good luck beating Nintendo's price. I'm all for competetion, but Nintendo just has it on lock down.