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HP ProBooks Get Prettier Inside and Out

Illustration for article titled HP ProBooks Get Prettier Inside and Out

HP's ProBook s-series wants to be your everything: punchy enough for work, stylish enough for home. And with a new brushed aluminum industrial design and Core i3/i5/i7 processing power, they may just bridge that gap.


HP's rolling out four new ProBook models, ranging from the 13.3-inch 4320s to the heavy-duty 17.3-inch 4720s. In addition to those speedy Arrandale processors and "caviar" and "bordeaux" aluminum finishes, the new line-up also features optional ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4350 discrete graphics (compared with the previous generation's Radeon 4330, HD LED-backlit displays, and an optional 2MP camera.


The ProBooks also feature DayStarter, a feature that lets you view your calendar to distract you while your computer loads, and ArcSoft TotalMedia Suite audio and video editing software. WIth an optional 9-cell battery, the battery life is listed at an impressive 10 hours.

You won't find any USB 3.0 here, and the price points—starting at $719 for the 13-inch base configuration—are good-not-great. But if you need a work notebook with a little flair, and a home notebook with a little kick, ProBook might be your answer for both. You'll have a chance to find out when they become available later this month. [HP]

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I'm I a minority in the fact that I CAN'T STAND offset trackpads? They drive me visually bonkers.