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HP's 30 Inch, Billion Color-Displaying ZR30w Monitor Reviewed

Illustration for article titled HPs 30 Inch, Billion Color-Displaying ZR30w Monitor Reviewed

HotHardware has a thorough review of the HP ZR30w, a 30" LCD monitor with exceptional color resolution. Their verdict? The S-IPS panel and huge color gamut make for an excellent display that's affordable among its peers.


HotHardware lauded the $1,300, 2560x1600, ZR30w for its S-IPS panel, which afforded great quality and color reproduction. They were also pleased with the stand, which made for easy rotating, tilting and swiveling, and, hey, when you're dealing with a 30" slab of LCD, you can't take those things for granted. One downside, though, which could be a dealbreaker for some: not a single HDMI port to be found.


Read the full review over at [HotHardware]

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I've started lusting over 30" monitors a lot recently. The only thing that has saved me is the prices being huge instead of just large. I wonder when the huge price drops are going to hit the 2560x1600 space?