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HQ Trivia Has One Final, Drunken Hurrah

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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After hearing yesterday’s news that HQ Trivia was penniless and abruptly shuttering, host Matt Richards paid $5 out of his own pocket so its last show could have some sort of prize for viewers who stuck around until the very end.

Then he flipped off their final audience and threatened to crap on the homes of all the trolls in chat. “Not gonna lie. This fucking sucks. This is the last HQ ever!” he yelled.


Before the app shut down for good, Richards and his co-host, Anna Roisman—both suddenly jobless and, ipso facto, considerably drunk—showed us exactly what giving zero fucks looks like in HQ Trivia’s farewell game. It was glorious. (And, weirdly enough, somehow apropos in its drunken mayhem).


The hosts swear profusely the entire time, beg for viewers to hire them, talk about the pilfered company swag they’ll sell online, rant about HQ Trivia’s lack of sufficient snackage, and try very hard not to cry. Only 523 viewers won, despite the two slurring approximations of the answers immediately after each question. That adds up to a whopping $0.0096 apiece.

You can check out the full video below. Some of my favorite quotes include:

  • Richards: “People don’t want HQ to shut down in the chat. Me neither, motherfuckers.”
  • Roisman, while doing a headstand: “Someone hire me! I’m fucking talented!”
  • Roisman: “You know we laugh because we had alcohol but I’m crying on the inside . . .”
  • Richards: “We should have unionized a long time ago.”

In case you missed it, yesterday HQ Trivia revealed it was flat broke, laying off its 25 full-time employees, and closing up shop after a final-hour chance at a buyout fell through. The once-viral live trivia app used to have millions of players vying for its daily prize pools, but come 2018—just one year after its release—that success quickly nosedived thanks to HQ Trivia’s declining popularity, the departure of its original host, an unpopular new points-based system, and a healthy dose of internal turmoil.

But hey, at least they can say they had one hell of a send-off.