HTC Dream Engineering Drawings Reveal its Skinniness, Big Chin

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Yesterday we had the FCC imagery to give us some of the HTC Dream's sizes, but today over at they've got hold of engineering drawings that give us the full data: it's pretty skinny. Interestingly it's got a bent chin that looks a lot like the MotoRizr design, but the screen here slides to the side to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. By using the FCC dimensions and doing a little measurement it looks like the phone's body is around 0.64-inches (16.35mm) deep which makes it fatter than the iPhone's 12.3mm, but thinner than the HTC Touch Pro's 18.1mm. The screen bezel complies with an approx 3.5-inch screen, but doesn't confirm the size of the screen itself. We'll have to wait for the next leak for that. [AndroidGuys via AndroidCommunity]


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It's all about the chin!!

This is a mobile first, and a web browser second - turn the device 90 degrees, tilted roller ball - fits nicely on the thumb and you're off - no dirty marks on the screen - check out the blog post []

PS great for gaming?

PPS the logo on the back - let me suggest Google pay HTC $50 a handset for the PR - direct subsidy to get the google phone in the market cheap.