HTC Flyer Tablet Priced at $980 by UK Retailer

UK retailer The Carphone Warehouse has given the HTC Flyer tablet a pre-order price of £600, which converts neatly to $980. Quite a lot of pennies, even if that is for the 3G and Wi-Fi version. The price for the Wi-Fi only model hasn't been announced yet, but if it's not equal or lower than the comparable iPad 2 model, HTC might have a tough time on its hands.

US pricing hasn't been confirmed just yet, but we do know that Best Buy will be exclusively stocking the Wi-Fi model when it hits "in spring." A Honeycomb update is expected sometime soon after it goes on sale. [The Carphone Warehouse]


Except it won't be. It'll be $600 or something equally ridiculous, since us Brits always get scammed by the exchange rate.