HTC Hero App Controls Lego Mindstorms Robot In Video Evidence Of Burgeoning Relationship

We've seen all manner of phones controlling robots, cars and helicopters, but a HTC Hero operating a Lego Mindstorms robot? Awesome. It works via a purpose-built app which uses the Hero's accelerometer, connecting to the 'bot over Wi-Fi.

It's from the creative minds at Swedish tech company ENEA, who created the app to harness the Hero's accelerometer to control the Mindstorms bot. Normally such a relationship between a controller and robot would be over Bluetooth, but ENEA was forced to use Wi-Fi due to the "limited Bluetooth support in Android OS version 1.5 (not supporting the Bluetooth serial port profile, SPP)".

It's not the best quality, but do check out the video below for a glimpse at the Hero getting all domineering on a little LEGO creature. [ENEA via Recombu]

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I was trying to figure this out for my after school science club and gave up. If anyone has the code, could you point to it? Along with directions on what you need to do to actually execute it?