HTC Hero's Sense UI Comes to iPhone as a Jailbroken Theme

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Have a jailbroken iPhone but long for the exciting new Sense UI seen on the HTC Hero? A new theme brings Sense to the iPhone, though the skin is, unfortunately, only skin-deep.

The homescreen looks pretty good, with HTC's trademark flipping clock (although the skinned clock doesn't actuall flip), weather, and three customizable apps, with the icon for the sliding app tray just to the right. The dialer is also skinned, with the fat-finger-friendly Android number keys, but that's mostly it—the apps themselves aren't skinned, and neither is the list of apps. But it'll definitely give a fresh coat of paint to the iPhone if you're tired of the homescreen, as long as you don't expect the iPhone UI to be as totally changed by Sense as Android's was. [Redmond Pie via Engadget]