HTC Kaiser Coming in August as the AT&T 8925?

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The HTC Kaiser, unboxed here, is supposedly heading to AT&T soon under the 8925 model. This 8925 will replace the current 8525, which has been the go-to Windows Mobile phone since it was released last year. So what's new? Lots of stuff, including a 3-megapixel camera, 128MB RAM, a fold-up design, a GPS (?), a possible front camera for AT&T's Video Share, and preliminary launch date of August, according to the leak.


The leak also reports than the 8525 will be discontinued when the 8925 is released. Also, the price point of $600 sans contract and $300 with two-year agreement from the 8525 seems to be what AT&T is aiming for with the 8925 as well. [Electronista]

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@CINCYSHANNON: I don't seriously think Apple is amining the iPhone at corporate users, it is more of a general purpose phone. The 8925 is stricly aiumed at corporate users.

@CAGUY: WM^ romns are all over the net for 8525, though it does take a little skill to upgrade. Check out Howardforums.