HTC Star Trek On Cingular Around August 8th?

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A tipster writes in that the HTC Star Trek, which was FCC Approved on Monday, will be available as the Cingular 3125 around August 8th.


He says the retail price will be $299.99, but has a $100 rebate to get to $199.99. This, most likely, after you've signed over two years of your soul to Cingular. We'll see if it's true in two weeks.


Thanks Tipster!

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Guy, they have a consumer blackberry service available $29.99 when combined with a voice plan. There is a rumor that a new TREO running windows mobile 5 will be launched before years end (no word of if it will have blackberry service, but Palm does have an agreement with RIM).

As far as blackberry working on more phones, it's up to the manufacturers to pay for the licensing. The reason Nokia only has the 9300 is because RIM will only allow them to have one phone model with the blackberry client loaded.