HTC Touch HD Pretty Much Never Coming to the US

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No amount of oohing, aahing or drooling can convince HTC to bring this 480x800 monster to American shores, according to the Taiwanese company. That's a shame, because it was looking pretty good. The company passed the news on through Twitter, which is the corporate equivalent of breaking up with your girlfriend with a text message:

Sad news, US. we looked into it- by the time we could bring Touch HD to the States, it would be old news. We do have other cool stuff coming.

The G1 is admittedly more exciting, but this thing is set to be one of the best Windows Mobile phones available. Import options will be available sans 3G support, which nobody will want anyway. [Twitter via WMExperts]

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The G1 is more exciting?

Well slap my ass n' call me Judy. I'm flabbergasted.