HTC Touch HD2 to Make the Switch to Android

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The original HTC Touch HD (pictured) used HTC's heavily modified WinMo OS, but a new rumor suggests that for its sequel, HTC will be continuing its embrace of Android. Our fingers are crossed for a Sense-packing QWERTY.

Register Hardware reports that in addition to the switch to Android, the HTC Touch HD2 will also feature a significantly faster processor than HTC's current line—a 628MHz Qualcomm chip, compared to the current 528MHz Qualcomm. It's also rumored to have a 3.8-inch touchscreen at the same 480x800 resolution as its predecessor.

The rumor is sourced to "a phone firm," which is vague enough to cause doubts, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if this were true. HTC's been getting tons of buzz for their Sense UI treatment of Android seen on the Hero, and the Touch HD2 could be the QWERTY phone in their Sense lineup. We'll have to wait and see what HTC has planned. [Reg Hardware via Boy Genius Report]


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wouldn't they have to add a trackball?