Huawei Says It's Launching a 4G Phone in the U.S. (Don't Count On It)

Meet the Ascend Mate 2, a big ass 6.1-inch 4G phone from Chinese purveyor of cheap phones, Huawei. Company exec Richard Yu said the device is actually getting a U.S. release on AT&T. We're just not exactly convinced.

Now, absent a confirmation from AT&T, we're a skeptical here. Especially considering Huawei has recently said it would exit the U.S. market because it's tired of all of the accusations of espionage.


Anyway, specifics on availability haven't been divulged yet, but you can safely assume it will be pretty affordable, based on Huawei's other offerings. Otherwise, the phone runs Huawei's Emotion over Android 4.3, has a 720p screen, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a five-megapixel camera on the front and a 13-megapixeler on the back. It boasts lots and lots of battery life—two days or so, thanks to a 4,050 mAh of power. That's why the phone has stuck with a 720p screen rather than going full HD—it's supposed to be a power sipper, not a chugger. Other than that, it packs a quad-core chip, either from Huawei or from Qualcomm, most likely depending on your market.

We haven't heard any official confirmation from AT&T, so there's a very real chance this won't actually happen. But we're reaching out to AT&T to get more details and will update accordingly. Oh but be sure that the sheer existence of this phone is going to reignite those rumors of Huawei spying on the U.S. yet again.


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