Huggable Electric Hoodies for Couples: A Visual Ipecac

Nothing gets the bile rising in the throat faster than a couple wearing the same clothes—that is until you have witnessed a couple wearing these Embrace Me hoodies. The abstract logo on the front of the garment is actually made of a conductive fabric. When two people wearing the shirts embrace, small white lights flicker on the back of each hoodie, forming a Big Dipper pattern. If that wasn't bad enough, the light show is accompanied by a faint heartbeat sound.

This isn't the first time someone has come up with an idea for a huggable shirt, but the difference is that you can actually purchase the Embrace Me Hoodie. Unfortunately, it will cost between $480-$600 for the privilege of nauseating everyone around you. [Studio 5050 via Trendhunter via Talk2myShirt]


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